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Popular Traditional Argentina Food
Cheese Empanadas

  • 2 cups roughly grated cheese (mozzarella is best)
  • 2 eggs separated
  • 1 - 1/2 tablespoon flour
  • Salt and nutmeg to taste.
  • Directions:

    1. Beat egg yolks until yellow colored, add spices and fold in flour.
    2. Beat egg whites till stiff peaks form, add salt and let sit.
    3. Blend grated cheese into egg yolk mixture, and then carefully fold in egg whites.
    4. Place fillings by tablespoonfuls into dough rounds. Fold over and seal, bake in very hot oven until brown. (around 400’ – 450’)
    Serve hot.

    Here is an argentina empanada dough recipe.

    Recipe submited by lynn, Thanks!
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