What is it like to live in Argentina

What is it like to live in Argentina

Well, Iíve had some friends ask me, What is it like to live in Argentina. So Iíve decided to talk about it for a little while. But first, to give the reader some background, I lived in Argentina for 2 years as a gringo, learning Spanish. I spent most of my time in Mendoza and San Juan. I also passed through Buenos Aires. You can learn more about My trip to Argentina by visiting our About Us page.

Ok, so back to the big question, What is it like to live in Argentina. I just going to list some of the differences that someone from the U.S.A (E.E.U.U) would notice. Just to note: Argentina is huge and of course there are exceptions to all these ideas. This is just to give you some info on the Argentina+info+traditions

What is it like to live in Argentina #1:
the people speak Spanish, and its not your basic U.S.A. Spanish. Instead of tu the people use vos. Now I could write for hours and explain all the rules on vos but I think there are other sites on the internet that have already done it, so we can move on.

What is it like to live in Argentina #2:
Argentine people have more dependant household. There is more cooperation between the family, extended family, etcÖ Itís isnít un-common to see families living together or close by. Grandparents take a large part in the raising of their grandchildren.

What is it like to live in Argentina #3:
There appears to be more European influence than Native American influence. This affects the Argentina Food, Argentina Clothing, Argentina People, etcÖ

What is it like to live in Argentina #4:
The Catholic Church is the dominant religion in Argentina. It is common to see statues of Mary or the Saints all over the city.

What is it like to live in Argentina #5:
It is a civilized country, clean, safe, and very hospitable to tourism. Of course there are also very dangerous ghettos which even the police fear to enter. There is a smaller middle class with very rich and very poor Argentina people.

Now to actually answer some of my friendís Argentina questions:

How can I learn more about Argentina Soy Monsanto?
- Actually Iím not sure about Argentina Soy Monsanto, but I posted it to get some help from other internet viewers.

Where can I find argentina escorts list?
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Where can I get adidas espacio short in argentina?
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Where can I hear about the Argentina Current Events 2005
- This is a site I use to keep up with the Argentina Current Events 2005

Years ago I lived in Argentina and loved the Queso y Dulce dessert - the dulce was made from quince - if you have any contacts where I might purchase this I would appreciate the information. thanks

I know exactally what you are talking about, quince! It tastes great, good on crackers, fresh argentina bread, etc...

Another name for the quince is membrillo. If you do a google search for "dulce de membrillo" you will find a few good sites that sell it.

Where can I get good Argentina Food Recipes
Hahaha... easy question, Popular Traditional Argentina Food